Welcome!  If you feel you need food assistance please give us a call! If our food pantry is the right resource for you we will get you started, if not we will pass on other more appropriate resources.

Our phone number is 248-437-9790.

Client Requirements


To receive services from Active Faith, you must reside  in the South Lyon School District. If you do not live within the district, we will provide emergency food one time.

Contact us at 248-437-9790 to set up an appointment.



Case Management

Active Faith works through a case management program, offering individuals and families:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • And Remember, even if you do not fit into our financial guidelines, we are an information and referral center for food, clothing, and utility help from other agencies.

Income Guidelines

Listed below are the annual and monthly income guidelines, based on household size, to qualify for assistance.

Household Size

Annual Monthly
1 $27,180 $2,265
2 $36,620 $3,052
3 $46,060 $3,838
4 $55,500 $4,625
5 $64,940 $5,412
6 $74,380 $6,198
7 $83,820 $6,985
8 $88,240 $7,353
Each additional
family member
$9,440 $787