Our mission is, "To provide long term and temporary assistance
to those who have fallen on difficult times
in hopes of returning them to the independent pursuit of their life’s goals."

We proudly embrace diversity and inclusivity, welcoming individuals of all gender identities, religions, races, ethnicities, and cultures with open arms. Our non-profit is committed to creating a space where everyone is respected and valued, free from discrimination or bias.

Faces of Active Faith

Active Faith staff pictured left to right: Diane Zischerk, Case Manager; Sharon Sower, Director; Julie Haggard, Office Administrator; Shawna Rudd, Food Pantry Manager; and Meg Call, Volunteer Coordinator (not pictured). We are an amazing hard working team devoted to meeting the needs of the community in need. We work closely with our board of directors, churches and community leaders. Please reach out to us if you need assistance or you want to support our food pantry.


Board of Directors

We are very grateful to the community for such a generous year of giving and supporting the efforts of Active Faith. As a board, we are dedicated to keeping the principles of our mission moving forward.  Brenda Smith

  • Brenda Smith - President
  • James Carey - Vice President
  • Lynn Kneisel - Secretary
  • Lisa Mancini - Treasurer
  • Sharon Sower - Executive Director
  • Ken Kneisel - Board Member
  • Chuck Gibson - Board Member
  • Pat Peruski - Board Member
  • John Pajak - Board Member
  • John Ossenmacher - Board Member

Office Staff

  • Sharon Sower - Executive Director
  • Diane Zischerk, MSW - Case Manager
  • Shawna Rudd - Food Pantry Manager
  • Julie Haggard - Office Manager
  • Meg Call - Volunteer Coordinator

Our Director, Sharon Sower

capital campaign brownies

Active Faith is beginning its 36th year in operation. We began our mission in 1987 as 10 local churches united to provide food to our neighbors in need. We have stayed consistent with our goal of providing food and clothing to the 83 square mile South Lyon school district. We distribute food to approximately 700 individuals (of which 220 are children) and 230 households per month. We provide almost 150,000 lbs. of food to those who struggle to feed their families. Our volunteers make 264 home deliveries per year to our neighbors who are home-bound. Active Faith volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Last year our volunteers logged in close to 5,000 hours. We are proud to report that 93 cents of every dollar donated goes directly into our programs for low income families. We are very grateful to the local community for making our mission successful: fighting hunger where we live!

Please feel free to contact me anytime. My email is sharons@activefaithcs.org or call the office at 248-437-9790.

Many Blessings,

Sharon Sower 



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Active Faith is a community service agency founded in 1987 by the local churches to provide support for low income individuals and families. Active Faith is constantly changing to meet the needs of the community. We  promote inclusiveness, equality and diversity. We believe that neighbors take care of neighbors and that is what makes our community healthy, happy and safe.

We distribute once a week to an average of 130 households each Monday. Our volunteers make 20 home deliveries twice a  month.  Anyone needing emergency food is welcome and provided for.  We can steer you to the right agencies even when you are NOT low income.  Get through the maze a little easier by starting at Active Faith. Our volunteers logged in thousands of community hours on behalf of our organization.


Active Faith Community Services is an equal opportunity provider. Click here for the USDA Non-discrimination statement.


The Office of Civil Rights mission is to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Click  here for the USDA Civil Rights statement.